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Detailed State Licensing

Detailed State Listing

States Hallmark is Licensed in:

Colorado: Mortgage Company Registration (Regulated By The Division Of Real Estate)

Florida: Mortgage Lender License; License #MLD808

Indiana-DFI: First Lien Mortgage Lending License; License #10990

Kansas:  Kansas Licensed Mortgage Company, Mortgage Banker License; License #MC.0025180

Kentucky: Mortgage Company License; License #MC23266

Michigan: 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender License; License #FL0015704

Minnesota: Residential Mortgage Originator License; License #MN-MO-53441

Ohio: Mortgage Broker Act Certificate Of Registration; License #MB.8039796.000

Ohio: Mortgage Loan Act Certificate Of Registration; License #SM.501639.000

Wisconsin: Mortgage Banker License; License #53441BA