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Moises Uribe

NMLS: 1177708

Mortgage Loan Originator

I started in the banking industry in 2011, working in various roles. I am a graduate of Northrop High School and IPFW, where I received a degree in business administration with an international business minor.

I come from a very close-knit family whom I like to spend a lot of time with. I am an avid sports fan and still spend a lot of my free time playing in the local soccer leagues year round. I have volunteered with United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and St Mary’s soup kitchen. I went on a missionary trip to the Dominican Republic where we set up a clinic to help gain awareness of prevention in impoverished areas of the country. I am planning and looking forward to more trips of aid in the future. Enriching the lives of others and using the means I have been blessed is a big passion of mine

Being in the service industry for my entire working career has taught me a lot about people in general and how we can influence not just their day, but also potentially their overall life. Having been young and not in the industry when I first purchased my home, I was confused, excited and stressed all at the same time. I want to make sure that I can help my customers through that and create an experience that is just exciting and that they are glad to have me be a part of. As the saying goes, treat others as you want to be treated.

Even though I am new to Hallmark, I can already see and feel the positive energy flowing from the people here. You can really tell everyone loves what they do, which truly embodies what Hallmark stands for. Everyone is so willing to help one another, which translates over to our willingness to be there for the customer when needed. The environment is truly that of a family atmosphere and I am very honored and happy to be a part of it.