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Todd Gehrke

NMLS: 248559

Mortgage Loan Originator

Todd was a high school teacher in the late 90s before he joined the mortgage profession. He has a passion to help others grow and a gift for simplifying complex topics. He has been the recipient of several awards in the mortgage industry and is invited to speak at national industry events. For more information on Todd’s mortgage business, visit his mortgage website at www.yestodd.com.

Todd is also the author of The Borrower’s Bible and Coach Will. Todd thrives on life and helping others discover the "Ah-ha's" that create new opportunities, new levels of success, and new excitement in life. Todd has been teaching professionals the art of communication and expectations since 1996. Through years of consulting businesses on sales techniques, marketing strategies and simple actions that have dramatic results, and performance coaching, he chronicled his life and the experiences of others to create the compelling story of coach will. Todd's mission is to share his passion for helping others live an outcome based life free of stress and anxiety.